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Who Am I?
The Name Game
Yes No
Quick Fire

Who am I?

  • Using the 'Select Category' screen, remove everything apart from People in order to generate a list of people and celebrities.
  • Once you've printed them out and cut them up, each person in the room should pick out a card randomly and using double sided sellotape, stick it to the forehead of someone else in the room without them seeing the card you are attaching to them.
  • Once everyone in the room has a card attached to their forehead, the game can begin.
  • With everyone sitting in a circle and play moving anti-clockwise or clockwise, each player is given a chance to ask a question which can only have a Yes or No answer.
  • If the answer is No, they must wait their turn to ask another question and play moves on to the person next to them.
  • This continues until someone correctly guesses the celebrity or person they have on their own forehead.

You could of course play this with any of the categories on this site but people is the most common one.

Name Game

  • Like the 'Who Am I' game above, remove everything apart from People from the list of categories in order to generate cards for people and celebrities.
  • Cut up the cards, fold them and put them all in a hat/bowl.
  • Have a stopwatch handy or use the timer on this website. Typically each person should be given 30 seconds, but this can be increased.
  • Everyone should sit in a circle and one person (Player 1) should be identified to start the game.
  • Player 1 pulls out a card from the hat/bowl and the countdown starts.
  • The player has 30 seconds to try and get the person on the left of them to guess which name they have in their hands but without saying the actual name or obvious clues such as initials etc., e.g. "This character was in Star Trek", "He had a viscious pinch and funny ears", "Spock!", "Correct"
  • After the name is guessed, the correctly guessed card is put aside to be counted at the end of the countdown
  • The player keeps pulling out people from the hat/bowl and giving clues until the time is up.
  • Once time is up, the number of correctly guessed people is counted and that number is given as a score to both guesser and clue giver.
  • The hat/bowl is then passed to the next person in the circle and so on until everyone in the circle has had a go guessing and giving clues.
  • The one with the most correct guesses wins - you may need a tiebreaker!

Again, you could play this with other categories but people is the easiest.

Yes No

  • Generate some cards (any category will do), cut them, fold them and put them in a hat/bowl
  • One person at a time takes a card from the hat/bowl
  • The others must then guess what is written on the card by asking questions which can only have "Yes" or "No" as an answer, e.g. "Is it a movie?", "No", "Is it a person?", "Yes", "Is the person male?" etc.
  • This should continue until someone guesses the card correctly.
  • Optionally, you can punish people who wildly guess by having a rule where if someone makes an incorrect guess, the round is over and it is that persons go to take a card next. This way players should not guess unless they know the correct answer.
  • A correct guess earns a point, winner is the person with most points at the end.

Quick Fire

  • Generate some cards, cut them, fold them and put them in a hat/bowl
  • Someone should have stopwatch or countdown timer (if you are a Deluxe member, you can use the countdown from this website.
  • Players take it in turns to take 3 cards from the hat/bowl
  • The player then has a minute (or fixed amount of time) to act out all 3 cards in succession before the time runs out.
  • If they successfully do all 3 in the allocated time, they go through to the next round and the rest of the players in the current round continue.
  • If they fail to act out all 3, they are out, but can continue to guess the Charades of others.
  • Optionally, you could time each person to see how fast they can have 3 Charades guessed. The winner is the person who does 3 within the shortest time.