12th September 2015 - Xmas is coming! Get organised early for your family/friends parties!

31st October 2012 - The weather is getting colder and the nights are drawing in. As usual, the number of visitors to our site is starting to increase and a whole load of Charades Cards are being generated. Have fun in the coming months!

10th February 2012 - Thanks as always for all the great feedback from our members. If you have any ideas on how to improve things further, just fire them our way and we'll do our best!

23rd December 2011 - It's that time of year again where families all get together for some relaxation and entertainment. Why not impress your guests with a customisable set of Charades Cards?

12th November 2011 - Thanksgiving coming up - what better way to spend some quality family time together than a game of Charades?

28th March 2011 - It's now possible for members to print their Charades Cards onto A3 paper as well as A4 paper! So if you have access to an office printer and have permission to run up their printing costs, get generating more cards!

3rd January 2011 - Happy New Year everyone - hope you have had a great party season!

15th December 2010 - Hope you are all having a great run up to Christmas, not long to go now! Party season is here!

19th July 2010 - We now have approximately 5000 people a month now visiting this site, the majority of which are from the US. Thank you for all using the site and for the kind compliments that many of you leave.

31st March 2010 - Added a new theme - wasn't sure what to call it though. Noughties was already bad enough for 2000-2009, so despite considering Tensies and Tenties, I opted for The Tens. Few films in there at the moment just, will add more to it shortly.

24th December 2009 - Merry Christmas everyone!

9th December 2009 - It's that time of year again - whether it's a team game with your business or a game with your family on Christmas day, get organised early and print out your cards today!

12th March 2009 - The site statistics show that 54% of all traffic to Charades Cards is from the United States. Next is the United Kingdom with 23% and then Canada in 3rd spot with 8%. The remainder is spread across 93 other countries in the world.

24th December 2008 - Nice advert from McDonalds featuring Charades

18th December 2008 - Found a good article all about Charades on the Guardian website which confirms what we all know - Charades is a great game!! Read it here : Charades - The All-Time Classic