There are 2 different types of membership - Basic and Deluxe. Basic will allow you to print as many pdfs as you like but without personalisation or your own words. It will also have heavy watermarking in the background of each card advertising this site. Deluxe has no restrictions and every feature is available. Online play is only available to Deluxe members. See the full detail below.

Payments are securely made via PayPal, the safer, simpler, smarter way to pay. If you have any questions about membership, please do get in touch via the contact form

Basic Membership - $2 or £1


Membership lasts 3 months from the date of sign-up

Remove page limits

  • Print as many watermarked pages as you like with 21 cards on each (free trial is restricted to 2 PDFs every 48 hours with only 10 playable cards on each one.

Basic Membership Sample PDF

Deluxe Membership - $9 or £5


Membership lasts 9 months from the date of sign-up

Choose page size for printing

Print to either A4 or A3 to produce different sizes of cards.

Choose difficulty

Specify Easy, Medium or Hard difficulty to further filter the cards.

Play Online

No limit on the number of cards you can receive when using the 'Play Online' mode and the countdown timer will be always available.

Include your own words / phrases

  • Add in your own names / cities / phrases which will be used instead of or in addition to using the standard database. Put in topical jokes or people and amusing catchphrases that you and your friends know.

Personalize your cards

  • Remove or replace the text on each card with your own custom text such as "Christmas Party" or your company name.
  • Add a logo of your choice to watermark on to each card, e.g. a business logo or a photograph

Remove heavy watermarking and page limits

  • No advert in the background of the card.
  • Print as many pages as you like with 21 cards on each

Deluxe Membership Sample PDF's (example card text removed)